Aircraft sales and acquisitions

In the realm of professional aircraft sales and acquisitions, PrivaSky also provides superior consulting services to clients wishing to sell or acquire aircraft. We consult for the sale and acquisition of both private and shared private/charter use jets. We strive to guarantee our clients excellent representation to serve their best interests, in addition to processing a thorough financial analysis regarding the proposed sale or purchase.

PrivaSky’s expertise in meticulously selecting aircrafts that best suits the needs of our clients is at the heart of our acquisition consulting service. We assess not only the present needs of our clients, but also their future needs when advising on their aircraft purchase investments. We sincerely care about our clients obtaining the best quality-to-value aircrafts that also cater to preferred aesthetic, comfort and utilization.

To ensure the sound investment of our client purchases, Privasky coordinates and oversees:

  • Major aircraft inspections based on international standards.
  • Aircraft appraisals and fair market value analysis.
  • Comprehensive financial forecast on operating costs, including depreciation and charter revenue, in accordance with actual market trends.
  • All contract negotiations.
  • Aircraft proposal and selection.
  • Analysis of charter cost vs. sole ownership.


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